Becky Downing

Becky is a Queer Multi-Disciplinary Artist from Liverpool. She specialises in Writing for Theatre & Poetry, Facilitation, Acting, Music & Illustration.

Currently Working On

Becky recently played Cecilia in Ellie Rose’s absurdist comedy tHe wELl with Salford Arts Theatre. The play was livestreamed to audiences in December.

Becky is also currently 1 of 8 Young Everyman & Playhouse Writers and one of Tmesis Theatre’s Wicked Women 2020-21 Cohort.

Her theatre company, FLOOD THEATRE, are currently leading a research and development project for Queer Womxn in Liverpool & Warrington.


Theatre in the Rough

Becky is 1 of 4 of Liverpool based Theatre Company Theatre in the Rough and works as a core team member to deliver Environmentally focused Theatre Projects across Lancashire and the Northwest. Most recently with TITR, Becky created and produced the BBC Arts Recognised Podcast ‘Outside In’.

Visit Theatre in the Rough’s Website Here

Flood Theatre

Becky is the co-founder of the Northwest based Flood Theatre company. They are currently working alongside guest artists to deliver a programme of workshops as part of a research and development period for Queer Womxn in Liverpool & Warrington (2021) and were the most recent winners of Paperwork Theatre’s Teacup Commission for their audio project ‘Have You Got A Minute?’.

Visit Flood Theatre’s Website Here


Becky regularly facilitates drama workshops at the Storyhouse Theatre in Chester for young people aged 5-16.


Upcoming Projects: Queer Womxn R&D with FLOOD Theatre (March 2021)

    Request Services

    Becky is available for writing commissions and drama workshops for both children and adults upon request. For illustration & Comic strip commissions please visit www.vestatilleycomicsillustration.co.uk


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